The success of the Crescent Beach Concours d’Elegance rest in large part on the knowledgeable experts who help select and judge the automobiles and motorcycles invited. Selected for their expertise, the chosen panel of judges will set the standard in automotive excellence at the Crescent Beach Concours d’Elegance.


Chief Judge John Carlson


John is a retired secondary education teacher who spent 30 years in the automotive, industrial technology education area specializing in antique automobile restoration.

He serves on the Steering Committee of the LeMay America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington. He is a charter member of the Specially Vehicle Association of British Columbia. He served on the Collector Car Club Council of BC for fifteen years. He is a Charter member and co founder of the Lions Gate Early Ford V/8 Club, Regional Group 120.

He provides pro bono consulting services for many collector car related organizations and events including the Arizona Concours, Cobble Beach Concours, Crescent Beach Concours and the Hilton Head Concours in South Carolina. In 1986 he was the founder and show chairman for the Vintage International Antique Auto Show held in conjunction with the 1986  Expo 86 World Fair.

He owns a modest collection of rare and historically significant automobiles which he maintains meticulously. The Marques include Allard, MGA, Model A Ford, Early Ford V/8, Packard,  Acura Zanardi NSX, Cadillac, Ford, and General Motors.  His has restored vehicles which have won many prestigious National Awards and three National Championships.

He is a Classic Car Club of America Master Judge as well as the current Chief Judge for the Vintage Car Club of Canada. He has long been recognized for his judging ability and sense of fair play. He is the Chief Judge for the Arizona Concours, Cobble Beach Concours, and Crescent Beach Concours and is one of the four Chief Judges at the Hilton Head Concours. He has been a Pebble Beach Concours judge for the past twenty years serving mostly in the capacity as Chief Class Judge. He is the Competition Chief Class Judge at the Monticello Concours in New York. He serves as the chairperson for the legislative branch of ICJAG. John is a member of the Society of Automobile Historians. He has written over one hundred articles concerning the collector car hobby. He is responsible for co- writing the first version of the Canadian Model A Ford Club of America judging standards. Many of his reports and articles may be viewed at www.naacc.ca He has been a member of the Classic Car Club of America since 1982 and a member of the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada and Vintage Car Club of Canada since 1975.

When he is not working on an NAACC project, restoring or showing one of his cars, judging at a Concours or some other type of automotive event, John is driving one his vintage cars. He has participated in many CCCA Caravans with his wife and two sons JJ and David. He believes sharing the hobby with friends and family is very important. He has been inducted into three automotive Hall of Fames and is the only Canadian recipient of the Lee Iaccoca Award. John resides with Koko, his wife of 43 plus years, in Belcarra British Columbia located near Vancouver BC.






The Judging Process

The Crescent Beach Concours d'Elegance values its participants and views them as the most important ingredient on the showfield.                                                                                                

The judges at the Crescent Beach Concours will be looking for authenticity and quality workmanship in each area of the vehicle. They will deduct points for the areas that are not authentic. They will also be judging the proper fit and finish of the vehicle components. Each vehicle will be started by the owner or handler and the lights, horn, gauges and accessories will be checked for functionality. (Race cars will also be included in the starting process.) The judges will use the 100 point ICJAG deduction system which is divided into 20 categories that include body and paint finish, glass, bright work, engine compartment detail including batteries, upholstery, chassis finish, tires and wheel hardware, window glass, etc. Each area will be examined for the correct components as well as their proper installation and finish. The selection of the winners in each class is determined by how accurate and well presented each vehicle is. When the judging process has been concluded, each judge will have a discretionary additional three points to add to their final score. These points may be added to the vehicles final score based on the judge's interpretation of Elegance, Presence or Significance and to break a tie. 

The class winners will be determined by the average of the overall scores and will be awarded first, second and third places. Only Class winners will be eligible for the Best of Show Award. Score sheets will not be returned and final scores will not be discussed with judge teams.



2018 Crescent Beach Concours Judges

Del Basarba

Fred Bonin

David Carlson

John (JJ) Carlson

David Cohen

Alan Comfort

Dallas Der

Stan DIckison

Fred Dunn

Alan Gejdos

Mark Erickson

Gerald Greenfield

Colin Gurnsey

Stephen Harding

Paul Ianuario

Steve Leverington

Paul Martin

Dave Meronuk

Kim Pierce

Gary Richardson

Roy Shull

Wes Stinson